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 On behalf of J. Ian Burchett

 Dear all,

 As you may recall, last summer Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Honourable Chrystia Freeland announced the Canada-ASEAN Scholarships and Educational Exchanges for Development (SEED) project at the ASEAN Post-Ministerial Conference in Manila.

 I'm pleased to inform you that SEED is now accepting applications.

 The success of this new initiative, and the international development opportunities that it creates across ASEAN, will rely on the strong links that already exist between Southeast Asian and Canadian academic institutions and people.

 I encourage you to share this exciting opportunity with stakeholders from academia, government, business and civil society stakeholders in your respective countries so to create and deepen these ties.

 All information about the scholarship, including the eligibility, value, and application process can be found on the SEED webpage

 Canada enthusiastically welcomes Southeast Asian students, which also enriches our own institutions and the experience of our young people. Canadians will also in turn develop a greater understanding of your region's rich history, culture, and diverse languages while also appreciating better the current opportunities and needs of the region.

 If you have any questions about SEED, please do not hesitate to contact Global Affairs Canada’s ASEAN Regional Development Program.

 In Ottawa, questions can be directed to Connie Tulus (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), and in Southeast Asia, please contact Steve Jaltema (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) at the Mission of Canada to ASEAN.

 As always, I look forward to our continued close collaboration in the coming year.

 Ian Burchett

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+84.0292 3831166 - Fax: +84.0292 3830814